Jessica-Jane Stafford is a Sheffield born award-winning actress, best known for her 6 year role on BBC3'S The Real Hustle. Trained at the Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute in New York and the Actors Centre in London, Jessica has been acting for over 15 years.

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Jess's breakthrough into mainstream acting came in 2005 when she was cast in in Sky 1's Dream Team as 'Head Wag' Cindi Marshall from 2005-2007. During this time, Stafford also landed the role as 'The Sexy Swindler'  in BBC3's The Real Hustle for 11 series from 2005-2011.

Due to her popularity in The Real Hustle, in 2011, Jess took on a new challenge by entering the Australian outback in ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’. Her kind nature and infectious personality saw her become a favourite within the camp and also with the general public. 2011 saw her investigate the dark side of the beauty industry with her 5-part series ‘Skin Deep: The Business of Beauty’ for BBC3. Jess also presented ‘Britain in Bed’ for BBC3, which looked at how Britain’s attitudes towards sex and experiences of it have changed over the last 50 years.

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2013 was certainly an exciting year for Jess seeing her win Best Supporting Actress at the LA Film Awards, earn herself a role in hot new drama ‘The Smoke’ for Sky 1, and co-present E4’s ‘The Body Shocking Show’, celebrating the outrageous and unthinkable things that people do to their own bodies.

2014 saw the release of 'Devils Tower', in which Stafford played Kate - she received positive reviews for her role, with Gareth Jones of Dread Central saying "In the supporting realm, Stafford nearly steals the show as sexpot Kate, the gossipy neighbour whose delightful demeanour is the only thing that keeps her persistent nosiness from crossing the line. She’s note-perfect in the part from beginning to end". 

Before Jess shot to fame on The Real Hustle, she enjoyed a short and successful modelling career working with Rankin, Byron Newman and prolific photographer Bob Carlos Clarke (1950-2006) as his 'Living Doll' for exhibition 'Love Dolls Never Die'. Jess landed several successful campaigns including the face and spokesperson for Lynx and posing nude with a bunny rabbit for "No bunny should suffer for beauty" campaign by PETA.